Virtual Workshop: All talks will be recorded in advance and be made available from January 15th 2021 until March 31st, 2021. During this timeframe, every talk will be coupled to a virtual (chat) discussion room for speakers to interact with attendees in asynchronous Q&A.

Live sessions: Every talk will be assigned a timeslot for live attendance, and realtime Q&A in one of multiple breakout rooms on Feb 19th 2021. This is your chance to meet the speakers, ask your questions LIVE and discuss your collaborative ideas!

Scientific Programme

Online Jan 15th – March 31st

Prof. Marco Geppi - University of Pisa (Italy) - Opening remarks
Prof. Nicola Toschi – University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy) - Welcome and introduction to the workshop
Keynote Lectures

Dr. Chen Qin
- The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) - "Deep Learning for Dynamic MRI Reconstruction"

Prof. Daniel Remondini / Prof. Gastone Castellani – Bologna University (Italy) - "Artificial Intelligence in MRI: from raw data to analysis"
Keynote Lectures

Prof. Paul Rad – The University of Texas at San Antonio (United States) - "Explainable and Robust Deep Learning for Medical Domain"
Oral Communications
Dr. Marco Palombo – University College London (United Kingdom) - "Machine Learning Applications to Microstructure Imaging through Diffusion MRI"

Dr. Simeon Spasov – University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) - "Overcoming the challenges of data paucity in deep learning for neuroimaging"
Oral Communications
Keynote Lectures

Prof. Duygu Tosun-Turgut –  San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center (United States) - "Impact of AI and deep learning on imaging of neurodegenerative diseases"

Prof. Hugo Aerts
– Harvard Medical School, Boston (United States) - "Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Imaging"

Prof. Maryellen L. Giger – The University of Chicago (United States) - "Machine Learning on MRI of Breast Cancer"
Keynote Lectures

Dr. Donatello Apelusion Gassi – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dr. Giuseppe Leonardo Cascella – Idea75 - "Unstructured data, ML and AI for healthcare and industry 4.0 applications"
Oral Communications

Prof. Patrick Bolan
– University of Minnesota (United States) - "Improving Advanced Imaging Workflows with AI"

Dr. Tommaso Banzato - University of Padova (Italy) - "Clinical Applications of AI in Diagnostic Imaging"
Oral Communications

Dr. Marcello Cadioli
- Philips Healthcare (Italy) - "AI for MRI: An industrial perspective and outlook"

Dr. Birgi Tamersoy
– Siemens Healthcare (Italy) - "AI for healthcare"
Feb19th –(8.30-18.30 CET) Live Sessions with all speakers and Round Table
(Nicola Toschi –Moderator, urls for breakout rooms al well as detailed timetable will follow)
All Keynotes – Invited Speakers – Attendees.
Talks will be presented or reproduced in presence of the speakers for realtime Q&A and discussion and networking. The workshop will end with a live round table.
This is your chance to meet the speakers, ask your questions LIVE and discuss your collaborative ideas!
Closure and Adjournment
Prof. Marco Geppi – University of Pisa (Italy)